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My new – Allistair McCaw: Champion Minded Seminar


It’s truly an honor to meet someone of your stature and influence. Thank you Mr. Allistair McCaw for todays seminar Allistair McCaw: Champion Minded Seminar

Allistair is the author of multiple best selling books including “Champion Minded”. He consults and advises on leadership, team culture and mindset.

As a consultant, author and keynote speaker Allistair has extensively traveled the world sharing his insights and experience with some of the top leaders, performers, teams and organizations.

For over 25 years, Allistair has consulted and worked with many companies, teams and individuals including Olympic Gold Medalists, Grand Slam Champions, Fortune 500 companies, NCAA Colleges, and Professional sports teams.

Special thanks to one of my mentors Marino Bas

FB_IMG_1595087628663ic. He invited me to be part of this seminar in his gym “Basic Gym One”.

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